Buffet Professional "Festival" Bb

SKU: BC1139L-2-0

Three international renowned artists Jacques Lancelot, Guy Deplus and Michael Arrignon collaborated to produce the Festival clarinet. It meets the needs of today's musicians and teachers who are faced with the daunting task of interpreting a wide repertoire of works from Mozart to Boulez.

Musicians will certainly appreciate its depth of sound, which is particularly warm. The tone and precision of this instrument are in perfect harmony. The Festival belongs to the R13 bore family and has a rich, powerful, and fluid tone.

  • Key of Bb
  • Made of chosen M'Pingo Wood
  • Two Tuning Options: 440/442
  • Two Barrel Lengths Available: 66/65mm
  • Silver-Plated Keywork
  • Standard Eb Lever
  • Caps on Tenons
  • Gor-Tex Pads
  • Stainless Steel Rods
  • Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • High Precision Bore
  • Undercut Tone Holes
  • Pointed Needle Springs