Buffet Professional "Tosca" Bb

SKU: BC1150L-2-0

The Tosca clarinet offers a generous velvet sound rich in warmth and unrivaled in its stability and consistency of intonation. Sets the standard for a new musical esthetic. The smoothly shaped design of the new keywork gives a heightened level of comfort and sensation. Made in premium selected Grenadilla wood, the Tosca innovates with a new perfectly crafted bore design.

  • Key of Bb
  • Made of Premium M'Pingo Wood
  • Two Available Pitches: 440/442
  • Two Optional Barrel Lengths: 66/65 mm
  • Silver-Plated Keywork
  • Standard Eb Lever
  • Low F Correction Key
  • Caps on Tenons
  • Combination of Gore-Tex & Cork Pads
  • Stainless Steel Rods
  • Adjustable Thumb Rest