Besson Sovereign Series Euphonium - Silver Plating

SKU: BE967-2-0

Besson Sovereign euphoniums are an example of the British mastery of brass manufacturing. Both BE967 and BE968 are fully compensating instruments, and both have benefited from the recent upgrades to all aspects of their production with totally new parts throughout, guaranteeing a quality never before achieved with this most famous of brands. Several design features ensure the Sovereigns are the most free-blowing euphoniums on the market with a clear and powerful sound right throughout its entire range.

The Sovereign BE967 euphonium is the standard large bore instrument of the brass band world. Since the inception of the Sovereign euphonium in 1972, this instrument has led the way with a sound quality that perfectly exemplifies the meaning of the word euphonium itself, 'beautiful sounding', with a cantabile style all of its own. The pedal tones are huge, the best ever, as is the flexibility. This is an elegant romantic instrument. Its clear centered high register allows the player freedom to "sing" through the instrument.

  • Key of Bb
  • .580 inch Bore
  • 12 inch Upright Bell
  • Four Stainless Steel, Bottom-Sprung Valves
  • Nylon Delrin Valve Guides
  • Three Water Keys
  • Patented Spring Damper Set
  • Nickel Silver Tuning Slides
  • Second Valve Finger Ring