Beginner Alto Sax Accesory Bundle

Beginner Alto Sax Accesory Bundle

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Rico by D'Addario Alto Saxophone Reeds - Unfiled - Rico by D'Addario Alto Saxophone #2.5 Reeds - Box of 10

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This bundle is perfect for the beginning alto saxophone student or as a boost to a student who has recently started and needs to refill on the essentials! Includes a 10 pack of reeds and a Care and Cleaning Kit.

The Care Kit contains a soft polishing cloth to wipe away fingerprints from the instrument, protecting the saxophones keywork.  The included body swab will remove the condensation that collects inside your instrument.  PRO-TIP: Swabbing the internal bore each time you play will help keep the pads in great shape and will extend their lifetime! 

Also included is a mouthpiece brush for deep cleaning the mouthpiece and a thumb saver which adds comfort when holding the instrument, which is especially helpful for young players. The included reed guard will keep your reeds protected while stored in the case and will also keep the reed flat, which helps to minimize warping of the reed. Take care of your reeds and your reeds will take care of you!