Intermediate Trombone Accessory Bundle

Intermediate Trombone Accessory Bundle

Item #: TROMBD2
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Included Products:
Hercules TravLite In-Bell Trombone Stand
Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubricant System
Slide-O-Mix Spray Bottle

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The Intermediate Trombone Accessory Bundle comes with a Hercules Trombone Stand, Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubricant System and Spray Bottle.  These are essential products for the advancing trombonist. 

The Hercules TravLite™ In-Bell Trombone stand folds up compactly to fit inside the bell of your instrument. A velvet base secures snugly inside your instrument, and a velvet bag is included for better protection and easier access.

Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubricant gives your slide a fantastic glide. It is a 2-component liquid lubricant, which adheres very well to the slide surface. There is no sticking or stopping of the slide. Slide-O-Mix is very economical in use.

The included Slide-O-Mix Spray bottle holds your water to activate the Slide-O-Mix lubricant after it has been applied to your slide.