Selmer Professional Alto Saxophone SAS711

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SAS711 Professional Alto Saxophone

For over 135 years, Selmer has been making the highest quality woodwind instruments in the world. Fueled by passion and dedication to musicians the world over, Selmer has continued to be the leader in woodwind design and innovation. Selmer's commitment to quality and innovation has ensured that each instrument delivers the best performance experience, whether in the practice room or on stage. For better first notes, for better practice sessions, for better rehearsals, for better performances, you don't just need an instrument - you need a Selmer. You'll play better with a Selmer.


The Selmer SAS711 Alto Saxophone marks the next generation of collaboration between Henri Selmer Paris and Selmer USA on an entry-level professional saxophone. Featuring a post to rib to body construction, Pisoni pro leather pads with metal resonators, blued steel springs and Mark VI hand engraving - the body for the SAS711 is ready for the advancing player, but it also comes with a redesigned neck manufactured by Selmer Paris for this instrument, as well as a mouthpiece from Selmer Paris specially made for the advancing player. This makes the SAS711 the most unique instrument in its class and price range, and the only one that can boast a genuine Henri Selmer Paris neck and mouthpiece.

  • Key of Eb
  • Henri Selmer Paris Neck
  • Henri Selmer Paris Mouthpiece
  • BAM Backpack Case
  • Body/Neck/Bell - Yellow Brass
  • Available Finishes* - Clear Lacquer
  • Matte Finish, Silver-Plated, Black Nickel
  • Key Material - Brass
  • Aux Keys - High F#
  • F Vibration Dampening Bar
  • C# Correction Mechanism
  • Drawn Tone Holes
  • Post to Rib to Body Construction
  • Treated Leather Pads
  • Metal Resonators
  • Blue Steel Springs
  • Metal Adjustable Thumbrest
  • Engraved Bel