Conn Vintage 8D French Horn


Conn Vintage 8D French Horn

The new Vintage 8D Conn Double French Horn was introduced at the 40th International Horn Symposium in Denver, Colorado. Created in the Pro Shop at the Conn-Selmer Eastlake, Ohio facility, the new Vintage horn provides the superior options for clarity, flexibility, sound and performance. The instrument is created for and by professionals who demand the very best from their instruments, and has limited production of 150 per year beginning July 22nd.

The Vintage 8D is the result of an extremely high level of detailed craftsmanship and includes features such as a lightweight, hand annealed bell, hand annealed lead pipe, stress free bracing and assembly, an extra long pull on 2nd Bb tuning slide, and a traditional string linkage on all rotors and the change valve. In addition, hand lapped slides & rotors, sized solder joints, brass bead rings, along with an optional hand flipper and screw bell, make the Vintage 8D the perfect choice for today's finest artists.

Richard King, principal horn with the Cleveland Orchestra who was instrumental in play testing the new Vintage 8D said "with the arrival of the new Vintage 8D French Horn, Conn has that famous sound, the ease of play, the pitch and the opportunity to create every color you'll want. This is a great thing for the professional horn world and has been worth waiting for!"

"The craftsman at Conn know how to build a horn that suits the needs of the student first starting out or the professional looking for that specific instrument to suit their needs", said Gabriel Kovach, principal horn with the Phoenix Symphony. "In every horn from top to bottom you know you have a well crafted instrument in your hands. As principal horn of The Phoenix Symphony, it is the Conn 8D and its sound that shapes my concept of how I play and how I choose to make music".