In the heart of Romania, Transylvania cradles the ancient forests deep within the Carpathian mountains. It is here that the wind whispers through the statuesque trees, a gentle melody playing through the sun-drenched leaves as the roots are nourished by fresh spring waters. The wood of these trees, with the many varied essences of spruce, maple, beach, pear, poplar and willow, is world-famous and well-known for its unmatchable resonance. This is why for hundreds of years, it has been the "chosen" wood to build European musical, stringed, bowed instruments. Only the best wood is hand-picked, harvested and then brought to the town of Reghin, known as the violin city of Romania, where craftsman who have been handed years of tradition, begin to create musical masterpieces.

The wood is first aged for at least five years before beginning its journey to the workshop in Reghin or further on to Prague within small cottage shops. It is in these two places where these expert craftsmen transform this magnificent wood into beautiful and remarkable instruments.

Upon completion, these beautiful instruments then make their final journal to the United States to our New York specialty shop where they are finished with ebony fittings, a Wittner-style tailpiece, a seasoned French bridge, and is strung up with the highest quality and brand name strings and matched with a superior bow, all of which make their final sound vibrant and filled with rich overtones.